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homo sexdate app

using the words "the easiest way to avoid being called a cunt is not to act like one". "Die Quadriga Award 2008". Retrieved February 6, 2008. "Meet the 'bots' that edit Wikipedia". "Dilbert comic strip for from the official Dilbert comic strips archive". 302 Wikipedia has also been used as a source in journalism, 303 304 often without attribution, and several reporters have been dismissed for plagiarizing from Wikipedia. 90 91 An article is not considered to be owned by its creator or any other editor, nor by the subject of the article. Stuart Geiger; Jonathan. As a community, far from being elitist, it is anti-elitist (which, in this context, means that expertise is not accorded any special respect, and snubs and disrespect of expertise is tolerated).

"Wikipedia approaches its limits". "Multilingual historical narratives on Wikipedia". Retrieved September 24, 2009. Satire See also: Category:Parodies of Wikipedia.

Geen taboes, als het maar leuk. "Wikipedia: "A Work in Progress". 273 Semantic Web The website DBpedia, begun in 2007, extracts data from the infoboxes and category declarations of the English-language Wikipedia. 8th Annual Collaboration, Electronic Messaging, Anti-Abuse, and Spam Conference. 64 On the English Wikipedia, among others, some particularly controversial, sensitive and/or vandalism-prone pages have been protected to some degree. 270 The project is available online; an equivalent print encyclopedia would require roughly 20 volumes. University of Hawaii Press. 322 The night of the ceremony, members of the Wikimedia Foundation held a meeting with Wikipedians from all parts of Spain, including the local Asturian community. These include Wikimedia chapters (which are national or sub-national organizations, such as Wikimedia Deutschland and Wikim├ędia France thematic organizations (such as Amical Wikimedia for the Catalan language community and user groups. Wikipedia The Missing Manual. In 2010, columnist and journalist Edwin Black criticized Wikipedia for being a mixture of "truth, half truth, and some falsehoods".

Petrusich, Amanda (October 20, 2011). Ssrn 1496716 and 1st. Marmow Shaw, Jessica (December 10, 2015).

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